Mediation Services

The Singapore Government encourages the Mediation process as a cost effective way to resolve disputes before parties turn to often expensive litigation for resolution.

Private Mediation can be effectively used to resolve a variety of disputes such as family, legal, workplace and commercial matters.

It is estimated that nearly 80% of cases are mediated successfully through the Mediation process in Singapore.

Choosing to mediate a disputed matter occurs prior to or subsequent to parties filing a legal action. Disputing parties can agree to the private mediation process (without legal action), or a judge may order the parties to submit the matter to mediation (after filing legal action). At Md. Nasser Ismail & Co, we specialise and provide Mediation services for:

  • Collaborative Family Practice
  • Divorce and Child Custody
  • Family Disputes
  • Civil Claims
  • Business Disputes
  • Commercial Disputes
  • Medical Disputes

Mediation is Time Saving
The mediator acts as the middleman of the disputed parties and tries to bring about successful resolution in a private and confidential manner.

Mediation Saves Money
The charges for Mediation Services are lower as time spent for settlement is shorter. (usually within a day)

Mediation Agreements are Voluntary
Parties do not run the risk of unfavourable judgement against them by a Judge or Arbitrator.

Mediation Agreements are Confidential and Binding
Mediators are prohibited to disclose terms and conditions contained in the agreement reached between both parties.